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Local food

Take a trip for the taste buds in Salo! Copy the locals and have your morning coffee at the marketplace, and buy fresh vegetables and berries to take home with you. The idyllic cafés, unique restaurants and countryside kitchens conjure up seasonal taste sensations made of locally-produced ingredients, suited to both Finnish and Scandinavian tastes. As a beverage, you can choose locally-produced apple juice or cider, beer brewed in the village, or other select drinks. You can also enjoy freshly brewed coffee, bakery products hot out of the oven, sourdough bread and various other specialties. Savour our delicacies and fall in love!

A substantial portion of the grains needed for bread in Finland, and a great variety of vegetables and berries are grown in the region. Beef cattle, sheep, turkeys and other livestock are raised in the rural areas, game is hunted from the local forests, and fish and crayfish are taken from the region’s waters. You can purchase locally produced food directly from the marketplace or the farm shops. Local jams, juices and other delicacies can be found on the shelves of grocery stores.