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The Ironworks Villages of Teijo and Kirjakkala

The idyllic Teijo Ironworks Village brilliantly combines diverse natural beauty with cultural heritage and a vibrant village community. In Teijo Ironworks Village, the immediate proximity of the sea, the 18th century manor milieu, Teijo National Park and the diverse services, cultural activities and events of the village make the area a unique destination for visitors.

Kirjakkala is located by the trail networks of Teijo National Park, and by two lakes and the sea. The 19th century log buildings of Kirjakkala Ironworks Village have been restored to their original appearance.

The most significant cultural and historical sights of Teijo Ironworks Village can be found right in the middle of the village: Teijo stone church, the rococo-style Teijo Manor with its outbuildings, and the old blast furnace of the ironworks. Just a stone’s throw away lies the fairytale-like Sahajärvi Nature Reserve that consists of the former parks and forests of the manor and is known as the pearl of the national park. All year round, there is much for the whole family to see and experience: art exhibitions at Gallery Teijon Masuuni, handicrafts and Christmas markets, Teijo’s Midsummer festivities, and an old time market.


Coastal route
Route starts at the center of Salo
Small Coastal Route
Route starts at the center of Salo
From Salo to ironworks villages and maritime archipelago landscapes.
Hiking Trail Salo-Lehmijärvi-Kirjakkala (Teijo National Park)
Pormestarinkatu 2
Unique coastal villages
Salo, Teijo National Park, Archipelago National Park, Kimitoön, Pargas
Sea Eagle Trail
Salo, Kimitoön, Pargas
Colour therapy
Kimito, Pargas, Salo, Teijo National Park, Archipelago National Park
Spectacular silence
Salo, Kimitoön, Pargas, Teijo National Park, the Archipelago National