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Salo marketplace and city centre

In the summer, the marketplace in Salo is extremely busy and popular. The marketplace is a public living room, and people of all ages – locals and visitors alike – enjoy visiting the marketplace cafés. In summertime, the marketplace is open from Monday to Saturday, 7–15. In addition to the actual market days, the marketplace hosts many events, such as the popular and famous evening markets on summer Thursdays. The evening markets feature Finnish performing artists, trade stalls, crepe cafés, second-hand goods and a separate flea market for children.

If you cannot find it in Salo, you won’t need it. You can find a good selection of products and friendly service in the unique brick-and-mortar shops, shopping centres and other shopping areas, and parking is free.


Salo Art Museum Veturitalli
Mariankatu 14, Salo
Salo Electronics Museum
Astrum-keskus, Salorankatu 5–7, door 3, Salo
Meritalo Museum
Moisionkatu 18, Salo


Police Station Mural
Police Station, Kirkkokatu 1, Salo
Mural of Lauri the Blacksmith
Asemakatu 3, Salo
The Grain Silo Mural
Viljasiilo, Mariankatu 12, Salo
Mural by the Side of Inkereentie
Inkereentie 347, Salo


King’s Road – Uskelankirkkotie – Lukkarinmäki
Villa Nordell / “Eagle’s nest”
Kotkanpesä Talvisentie 4
“Devil’s nest” – Lindfors House
Uskelankirkkotie 11
Heino Villa
Uskelankirkkotie 4
Lindbom House
State Office Building
Kirkkokatu 1-3
The Functionalist Syvähuoko House
Mököistenkatu 8/Mököistenpuisto
Edvard Leino’s House
Torikatu 13
Cinema Bio-Salo
Helsingintie 11
Merchant Vuori’s House *virtual destination
Helsingintie 12
Parish Building, Kirkkokatu 5, and Salo Church
Kirkkokatu 5
Leinonkulma House
Leinonkulma Helsingintie 5
Helenius House
Heleniuksen talo Helsingintie 3
Sjöberg House virtual destination
Helsingintie 7
Cinema and Cultural Centre Kiva
KIVA, Horninkatu 21
Inkerinkatu 2
Inkerinkatu 2 Salo
Kansallis-Osake-Pankki’s Building – Rikala
KOP Turuntie 1
Kansallis-Osake-Pankki’s Building (1927–1970) *virtual destination
Turuntie 1
Postinkulma *virtual destination
Turuntie 4 / Asemakatu 9
Osake-Pankki’s Building
Turuntie 3
Turuntie 8 – Kassatalo and Salora’s Building
Turuntie 8
Ilolansalo and Paulinpuisto
Turuntie 27
Ankkalinna – Headquarters of Salora Oy
Salorankatu 5-7
Art Museum Veturitalli
Salon taidemuseo Veturitalli, Mariankatu 14
Railway Station
Rautatieasema, Asema-aukio
Railway Station and Its Surroundings
Asemakatu 2
Nivaro House
Nivaron talo Asemakatu 1
Viikari House
Viikarin talo - Seurahuone, Asemakatu 1
Building of the Voluntary Fire Brigade (VPK)
VPK:n talo Asemakatu 3
House of Prayer – Salo Theatre
Mariankatu 3 Salo
Impola House
Mariankatu 1
Nohteri House
Länsiranta 48
Åberg House
Vilhonkatu 2 Salo
Kauppalan Säästöpankki’s Building
Horninkatu 11
Cinema Centre – Tähti-Kino *virtual destination
Järvinen Commercial Building – Koskisen kulma
Turuntie 15
Nuotio House
Rauhalankatu 3 Salo
Building of the Civil Guard of Salo-Uskela – “Blue House”
Rummunlyöjänkatu 2
Tsasouna Chapel
Uskelankirkkotie 23