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Mathildedal Ironworks Village – an artisan village

The ironworks village of Mathildedal next to Teijo National Park radiates an upbeat village atmosphere: red ochre houses, ironworks buildings, history, shops, unique delicacies, artisan products unlike any other, as well as spectacular nature.

Hotel & Café Mathildedal
Ruukinrannantie 6, Mathildedal
Mathilda's Marina
Ruukinrannantie 4, Mathildedal
Second Chance
Ruukinrannantie 6, Mathildedal
Meri-Teijo Bike Park - Mountain biking, Teijo National Park
Teijontie 345, Teijo
Matildanjärvi Cabins in Teijo National Park
Matildanjärventie 84, Matilda
Teijo Nature Centre - Natura Viva
Matildanjärventie 84, Matilda
Vicksbäckinlahti reservation hut - Natura Viva
the northern shore of Lake Matildanjärvi, Teijo National Park
Matildanjärvi Lakeshore Sauna - Teijo Nature Centre
Matildanjärventie 84, Matilda
Enjoy the heat at Teijo National Park! Book the sauna at Lake Matildanjärvi and relax in the heat in the middle of nature.
Mathildedal beach
Matildan puistotie 38, Mathildedal


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The village is located right by the clear lake Matildanjärvi and the sea. The charismatic 19th century ironworks milieu houses a modern village community with 130 residents, many of whom are entrepreneurs. In the summertime, the number of inhabitants is multiplied when the holiday residents arrive in the area.

The vibrant village hosts numerous concerts, gigs, art exhibitions, theatre performances, events and a range of festivities throughout the year. In Mathildedal, you can choose your accommodation from a variety of options, including a cosy bed and breakfast, cabins and hotel luxury.

The old factory buildings, sincere and heartfelt service and the lush green surroundings offer experiences, tranquillity and rustic beauty for all senses.

Welcome to Mathildedal