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Meetings and groups

Salo is a great place to organise meetings, parties and large-scale events. The various venues in the region – manors, ironworks buildings, farm buildings, and villas – ensure that there is always a perfect venue for weddings, family gatherings and smaller meetings alike. There are also several churches near the party venues, and plenty of accommodation options. For larger events and functions, there are modern and practical facilities within easy reach.

Meeting and event facilities and services

Villa Meri – a venue for parties
Villa Meri – a venue for parties
Villa Meri provides an unforgettable venue for your party in the southern archipelago of Salo.
Teijon Masuuni
Telakkatie 17, Teijo
The centre of art and handicrafts in the heart of an old ironworks village near Teijo National Park with a blast furnace founded in 1686.
Hotel & Café Mathildedal
Ruukinrannantie 6, Mathildedal
Mathilda's Marina
Ruukinrannantie 4, Mathildedal
Wiurila Manor
Viurilantie 126, Halikko
Villa Topuli
Kalkkilantie 5, Salo
Versatile facilities for events and parties. We also have a summer café.
Meri-Teijo Bike Park - Mountain biking, Teijo National Park
Teijontie 345, Teijo
Rikalantie 74, Halikko
02 Taksi
02 Taksi - The easiest way to book a taxi!
Teijo Nature Centre - Natura Viva
Matildanjärventie 84, Matilda
Vicksbäckinlahti reservation hut - Natura Viva
the northern shore of Lake Matildanjärvi, Teijo National Park
Matildanjärvi Lakeshore Sauna - Teijo Nature Centre
Matildanjärventie 84, Matilda
Enjoy the heat at Teijo National Park! Book the sauna at Lake Matildanjärvi and relax in the heat in the middle of nature.


Särkisalo Church
Kirkkopolku 4, Särkisalo
Pertteli Church
Kaivolantie 150, Pertteli
Muurla Church
Muurlantie 347, Muurla
Teijo Church
Telakkatie 1, Teijo
Suomusjärvi Church
Karjalohjantie 161, Suomusjärvi
The Church of Saint Lawrence
Lupajantie 6, Perniö
Kisko Church
Kirkonkyläntie 31, Kisko
Kiikala Church
Kirkkotie 1, Kiikala
Vaskio Church
Puutaivaantie 21, Vaskio
Halikko Church
Kirkkorinne 1, Halikko
Angelniemi Church
Angelniementie 261, Angelniemi
Kuusjoki Church
Ylikulmantie 234, Kuusjoki

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